Paul Wolf
Current Research Projects
  1. The origins and patterns of polyploidy in ferns. I am especially interested in what happens to fern genomes between episodes of whole genome duplication, relative to seed plants. I am starting to look into this with Pam and Doug Soltis.

  2. Exploring genome space of ferns. We obviously need to sequence a fern genome. Meanwhile, I am exploring some initial genomic data that includes 1 to 2x coverage from shot gun Illumina libraries. I am looking at six different ferns and examining broad patterns of genome space. In collaboration with Joshua Der, Pam Soltis, Doug Soltis, Matt Gitzendanner, Kathleen Pryer and Fay-Wei Li.

  3. Mitochondrial genomes of ferns (using data from 2, above) with Joshua Der, Matt Gitzendanner, Pam Soltis, and Doug Soltis.

  4. The origins of Pteridium on Galapagos and other archipelagos. Seed plants disperse by diploid seeds, whereas ferns use haploid spores. This may increase the probabilities of hybridization occurring on islands. We are exploring samples of Pteridium from Hawaii and the Galapagos, sequencing nuclear and chloroplast genes, and testing for multiple and hybrid origins of Pteridium populations. In collaboration with John Thomson, Carol Rowe, Josh Der, and Martin Schilling.

Paul Wolf,
Jan 12, 2016, 5:50 AM