MEMBERS (The Wolf Pack)

Nov 2016:                   Tanner Robison         Scot Kelchner                   Aaron Duffy                       Martin Schilling             Marley Haupt                     Paul Wolf (El Lobo)
                                                                                        Katie Jack                                        Sylvia Kinosian                 Jenessa Lemon                      Carol Rowe
Principle Investigator

Scot Kelchner - Research Associate Professor

Carol Rowe - Adjunct Research Assistant Professor (Email:

Graduate Students
Undergraduate researchers

Katie Jack

Recent Alumni

Aaron Duffy - Now post-doc at Duke University

Martin Schilling - Post doc Universität Innsbruck

Hardeep Rai - (post doc 2010 - 2013)

Mark Ellis (PhD 2009). Now USU instructor teaching Evolution

Joshua Der (PhD 2010). Assistant Professor, California State Fullerton started Jan 2015

Jacob Davidson (MS 2010). Northeast Regional Habitat Biologist for the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. 

Other Past Students
Jessie Roper MS 2007 USDA Poisonous Plant Lab
Kellon Hansen BS 2007 MD University of Utah, 2011. Now a radiologist at University of Arizona
Tiffany Healy BS 2007  
Jeran Stratford BS 2007 PhD (2014) UNC Pharmacology, now working on MS in Biostats
Rochelle Gainer BS 2006  
Lee Bjerregaard MS 2005 Teaching in central Utah
Sedonia Sipes PhD 2001 Associate Professor at Southern Illinois University
Diane Rowe MS 1999 Currently at University of Tasmania
Carrie McCracken MS 1998 Smithsonian Institution
Martha White BS 1998  
Andrea Homer BS 1998  
Mike Martines BS 1998 Systems Engineer
Jenny Archibald BS 1997 Biodiversity Institute & Natural History Museum, University of Kansas.
Laura Hickerson Duff MS 1997  
Ashley Egan BS 1997 Research Botanist & Assistant Curator, Smithsonian Institution
Roy Murray PhD 1997  
David Perault MS 1995  Lynchburg College, VA.
Jennifer Barnes MS 1995  Alaska Regional Fire Ecologist, National Park Service